Australian Property Crash Predictions

A warning has been issued about Australia’s over-priced property market, which analysts predict is in for a massive downturn. One expert predicts property prices, especially those in capital cities, could plummet by as much as 60%, wiping immense value off what most of us regard as the ‘great Australian dream.’ But how likely is this forecast of a major property crash and how will it affect the average homeowner? When, and if, it happens is almost like looking into a crystal ball, but there is no doubt our economy will continue to be volatile and affect all segments of owning and lending, from home loans to cash loans and even fast loans.

Predictions of doom and gloom


The predictions of a 60% crash in the value of Australian homes comes from leading US real estate analyst Jordan Wirsz, who advises Fortune 500 CEOs and fund managers on real estate investment. His belief of a massive downturn stems from fears the global economic downturn will spread to China, our biggest trading partner, and then flow on to Australia. The result of this economic meltdown will be a flood of properties hitting the market as investors attempt to offload. According to Mr Wirsz, this would then create a huge glut of properties for sale and result in major price drops in an attempt to sell homes.

There is no doubt that the world economy always seems to be teetering on a knife’s edge. The Eurozone crisis continues to influence world markets and the US economy is still struggling to get out of neutral. Australia has ridden out the economic storm well thanks to the strength of China, our major trading partner and a nation whose economy continues to grow at impressive rates.

Our over-priced property market

While Mr Wirsz’s predictions may seem extreme, many other analysts agree that at some stage our property market will take a significant dip. Property in this country is some of the least affordable in the world thanks to the real estate booms of the late 1990s and early to mid-2000s. Our capital cities are particularly vulnerable to falling prices – especially inner city suburbs – and regional areas would also follow suit if there was a major correction.

In reality it would take several factors to make this massive property plunge occur – a big spike in interest rates, high unemployment and a huge glut of properties. But in early 2012, interest rates are looking to come down, unemployment is at very low levels and the number of properties for sale is high but not excessive.

What this means for homeowners

Let’s argue that you bought a home for $500,000 and you borrowed $300,000 to purchase it. Even if property prices dropped 25%, suddenly you have lost $125,000 in value. A 40% drop would mean that your home is worth what you borrowed. Any further drops would mean your loan is actually higher than the property’s value and financially you would be in dire straits. But it would take extreme conditions to produce such a result.

You can help insulate yourself against falling property prices. Good advice includes only buying if you plan to stay in that property for more than seven years; shop around for the best home loan deals; pay off extra on your mortgage to help cover any future interest rate rises; and follow a home budget to keep check of your spending.


Six Reasons to Visit Istanbul

 Over time and for more than 2500 years of history, Istanbul has been and remains the place that contains the culture, the tradition, the stunning monuments and the perfect scenic.

Here we want to mention 6 reasons for having a trip to Istanbul:

  • Istanbul- the city of four empires

Istanbul was the capital of four empires: the Romanian Empire (330-395), The Byzantine Empire (395-1261), The Latin Empire (1261-1453), and the Ottoman Empire (1453-1922).

So the history of Istanbul is very rich, and the remnants of each of these empires can still be seen to this day.

Istanbul where the west meets the east, or vice versa

This city is unique; the old buildings stand near the skyscrapers.

In the same area you can find mosques, churches and synagogues, tens of religions and other beliefs join together in the city to lead to one thing which is the generosity of the world famous Turkish hospitality.

  • Istanbul- The City of Spectacular Tourist Attractions

Despite the age of the city, it still remains most of its impressive cultural heritage.

The most famous Istanbul landmarks are: Hagia Sofia, Topkapi Palace, The blue Mosque, The Grand Bazar, and the Spice Bazar.

In addition to the less known landmarks, but not less beautiful such as Sulaimanye Mosque and Galata Tower, as well as many churches that date back to the Byzantine era.

  • Istanbul- The Perfect Combination of Eastern and Western Food

In Istanbul, you can enjoy a variety of meat and fish dishes that cook in the Ottoman way, and also that cook in the western ways.

In addition to the desserts whish are famous in Istanbul such as “baklawa” and others.

  • Istanbul- the City of Interesting Shopping

Istanbul offers you contradictory choices of shopping, where you can go to the luxury shopping centers and malls such as Forum Complex, Metro City, and Nisantasi City. As well as you can visit the popular Bazaars those are famous in the city.

  • Istanbul- the city of breathtaking views

You cannot see the panoramic views comparable to those you see in Istanbul, especially from the Bosporus Bridge or Galata Tower.

They are really charming scenes.


Beautiful Ataturk Forest and Park

The best place in Istanbul to enjoy the quietness and relaxation of the nature far from the noises of the city.

The basic information:

Address: The European side, Sarayer area, Bahcekoy.

Entry fee: During the week 5 Turkish Lira, and 10 Turkish Lira in the weekends.

Visiting Time: From 9 am to 5 pm.

Transportation: From the Metro line M2 to the side of Haciosman and stop in the last station and then take the bus which numbered 42HM which is going to Bahcecoy and stop at Kemerburgaz yolu.

Telefone: +90 (212) 226 1929

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Ataturk Forest

Ataturk Forest and Park:

If you want to escape the daily routine or you want to enjoy the quietness far from the noises of the city and to breath a fresh clean air so, Ataturk park is the best place.

It is considered to be the most beautiful place in Istanbul, it is located near to the popular ”Bulgrad” garden and it includes 3 beautiful lakes and also many trees and plants which cannot be found in any other places, This park lays on a space of 345 hectar.

This park has opened since 1949 and more than 2000 kinds of plants have been brought into this park from many different countries such as Japan, Spain, and America, This place is so popular for students where they go there to make their researches and projects on these plants.

Attention: Making a mess with the plants is totally forbidden.

After the arrival to the garden, the tickets must to be bought first from the entrance where 5 Turkish Lira is the entry fee during the week and 10 Turkish Lira for the weekends, then the tickets are given with a map for the park.

At the entrance of the park you will see a big yard includes fountain linked with many passes to the park, and we recommend you to enter the pass to the right of the fountain where you can see many different trees and then find a lake where you can see ducks, tortues, And enjoying the quietness and the wonderful view of the park.

After you finish your journey in this first lake, you can continue walking in the same way to the left to make a round in the yard and back to the main yard, and it takes 2 hours to do this.

After you complete your journey you can go to the area which is called ( srayer) and enjoy your lunch where you can find many fish restaurants directly beside the sea.


Bishiktash Region in Istanbul

Bishiktash region is one of the most important and famous regions in Istanbul, it is located in the European side of Istanbul and overlooks the Bosphorus.

Bishiktash center is located between Kabatash region and Ortakoy region.

This region is considered as the second center of Istanbul after Taksim region.

Bishiktash region is not overcrowded region due to the number of cafes, restaurants, markets and other tourism destination. Its population is about 200 thousands people according the last statistic, as well as the visitors and the tourists who come daily to Bishiktash.

Its streets are often narrow and complex like mazes, and you have to focus while walking in the streets not to collide anyone else, however the guests and the residents of this region do not feel and discomfort because most people come to enjoy their time with their friends and relatives in addition to the important commercial area.

There is often a traffic jam in the streets because of the fact that this region is a central area in Istanbul, and because the large number of the traffic lights.

Bishiktash can be reached easily because of many transportation connections which can be used to get the region as public buses and small buses, as well as the shared taxis; this is in addition to the ships between this reign and several areas in the Asian side of Istanbul such as Cadykoi and Uskudar and others.

  • Markets, cafes and restaurants in Bishiktash

There are countless cafes and restaurants in Bishiktash, which are worth the visit and experience, Bishiktash markets is famous of the fish markets, which is an open courtyard equipped for sellers and fishermen. Where you can walk around in this small market and see different types of fish and various marine fruits, and then you can sit and eat at one of the restaurants that surrounding this market.

Also during your tour in these markets you can find many restaurants and various coffee shops on both sides of the road, which providing many delicious meals from different world well as you can enjoy listening to traditional Turkish songs in these restaurants and all this at affordable prices.

  • Hotels in Bishiktash

Bishiktash area is not famous for many of the hotels but there are some hotels there, if you are looking for five stars hotels you can stay in Conrad Hotel or you can stay at the four seasons hotel Istanbul. You can also rent a home or apartment there.

And if you want to stay in cheaper or less expensive hotels, you can find one of them in region that offer you comfortable and good housing in affordable prices.

  • Places in Bishiktash

The places worth visiting are limited in Bishiktash; you can make a walk to the Barbarous Port, which is the port dedicated to Cady Cui ships. And also you can visit the Sinan Pasha Mosque which was built by the most famous architect in ottoman era.

And also do not forget to visit the major place in Istanbul Dolma Bahshat Shehir Palace in which several Ottoman Sultans were living as well as the founder of the modern Turkish Republic.



Turkey – the highest growth in tourism

Turkey has achieved the highest level in Tourism in the last few years, and this is back to the attention which has been given from the government, and the tourism ministry for the development of the touristic economy in Turkey.

As a city Istanbul alone achieved a very high level in Tourism major worldwide in the last year and in the first months of this year comparing with the last year which gives the chance for Istanbul to be upon the touristic cities in the world.

The Turkish government developed the guidance of the tourism in Turkey with many different sides such as, the medical tourism, Tourism for recuperation and relaxation propose, Shopping tourism, Religious tourism, conferences tourism and many more which added to Turkey a great value in the tourism major and gave the abilities for more developed plans in this major to make a question comes in minds, How did Turkey achieve this global success in the major of tourism?

  • The development of the Touristic facilities:

Many hotels have been reaped a lot of global prizes especially in Istanbul for the best services and management and a high quality in the touristic major, Also the best restaurants and cafe shops and the development of the touristic places made Turkey especially Istanbul a destination for many global and local conferences.

growth in turkish tourism

  • Restored the smuggled antiquities:

Turkey have been restored many of its antiquities which were smuggled, with a new concept ‘’ The Turkish antiquities must only be in Turkey and in the Turkish museums” It is credited for the Turkish government and the Tourism ministry.

  • The good use of the tourism resources:

In Turkey there are a lot of museums owned by the government and others are private, Also there is the only police museum in the world as well as military museums, Islamic and Ottoman museums.

The museums in Turkey are considered to be the best museums in the world because of their best arrangements all over Turkey, especially the Islamic museums as well as the private museums which are owned by people and corporations.

The Turkish government gave much attention to the touristic places by repaired and cleaned them with the Tourism ministry and the governor of each city, which made those places more comfortable than before, Also by developed the services and transportation in those touristic places with cleaning those places many times everyday .

  • The great shopping centers:

The great shopping centers have been raised in the touristic places in the last a few years, which attract the tourists and the shopping tourism.

Istanbul shopping festival 2012, Is the start point which the government took as a touristic move in Turkey which gives more chances for the shopping tourism in Turkey generally and in Istanbul specifically.

  • The supportive of the tourism major and the abilities for the companies and corporations:

 The Turkish government gives many great abilities for the tourism major for the companies and corporations which work in the tourism major, which give them the chance to move toward this success more easily while in the same time attract more tourists all over the world such as Europe, USA, Asia and the Middle East.

The supportive of the tourism major in Turkey included the improvement of the touristic facilities in Turkey.

  • The advertisements and the local, Global and European markets:

The advertisements for every event in Turkey and Istanbul in exact, helped to advertise the tourism in Istanbul which made the governor of Istanbul characterized Istanbul as a main Culture, Shopping, Touristic, Religious and medical city, and make advertisements such as ‘’Istanbul, the sport city in Europe ‘’ ‘’Istanbul the capital of culture in Europe ‘’ ‘’ Istanbul the shopping festival in 2012’’

– The improvement of the public and local transportation in the touristic places:

The ease of the transportation which are observed by the governors of Istanbul raised the stocks of the tourism, the transportation in Istanbul have become more comfortable, The only problem for tourists could be for the misunderstanding of the stations names.


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