What are the Materials they use to make Die Castings?

In every finished product, as we know, there should be materials. How about in making die castings? It is the same. There are materials that are being used in the die casting process. Then, what are those materials needed? We will find out through this article. In making die casting, there are metals being used which are also known as non-ferrous alloys such as magnesium, aluminum, zinc, copper, pewter, lead, and tin. There are also machines that are needed in the process such as hot-chamber machines and cold-chamber machines.

These machines are being used depending on the type of alloy being used for casting. It is also important to know the advantages of each metal being cast. Zinc is actually the easiest non-ferrous alloy to cast. The alloy that can retain its strength especially when put in high temperatures is aluminum. If zinc is the easiest metal to cast, magnesium is the easiest metal to machine and also, the lightest metal that is commonly die casted.

Copper has the highest mechanical properties among the alloys when die casted. Lead and tin are used especially in forms of corrosion resistance. Aside from the alloys mentioned, the silicon tombac made from copper, zinc, and silicon has also high strength and like this is mostly used as an alternative for investment casted steel parts. Materials used in the die casting process also include brass and bronze.