Tank Simple Overview: The Tank Classifications

You might have already thought of the different classifications of tank. The classifications of tank that are to be mentioned in this article are not simply tanks. These tanks are commonly used during war in different countries throughout the world. The following are tank classifications for your additional knowledge. Light tank is one of the classifications of tank. What is it like? It is actually designed for rapid movement. Also, it is being used in order to support expeditionary forces as well as in the reconnaissance role.

Before, the light tanks were generally armed and also armored which is similar to an armored car. In addition, there are small tank designs and “tankettes” that were developed including the “combat car”. Such tank were used during World War I, Interwar, World War II, Cold War, and Post-Cold War. The modern light tank have been used not only in reconnaissance but also in infantry support. Next classification is the medium tank. It is prevalent during World War II and was widely produced, successful, as well as cost effective at that time.

It has been used during the Interwar period and the Cold War. Its role is for mainly for speed wherein it could travel faster. Heavy tanks are also great since it has achieved a success both in fighting and in destroying fortifications since it has very large guns. Super-heavy tank has very large size and mass. Also, the main battle tank are considered useful by the armies especially during war. You can navigate to these guys for additional website.