Generally Used Casting Equipment

In the die casting industry, there are tools or equipment being used. Generally, what are these casting equipment used? Here are the list. When using aluminum for die casting, a vertical band saw is needed as well a course blade when cutting aluminum into pieces. In order to withstand the temperature of a molten metal, a crucible made of Clay Graphite or Silicone Carbide is needed. The crucible is to be loaded into the furnace.

If there is an outpour of molds, either sand or refractory brick is needed in order to cover the pouring area. It is also very important to have personal protection gear when you do die casting. To ignite the furnace, lighting devices are needed such as match, a sparkling tool or map gas torch. Moreover, tongs are included in the generally used casting equipment  on this page Not just simply tongs but proper steal tongs that are designed for picking the crucible out of the furnace.

Crucible ring is also included in the list. You will not just simply pick the crucible out of the furnace. You have to place it in a crucible ring and secure it in place with the use of the clamp. Be sure to cover the pouring area with sand before you place the hot crucible into the ring. A very important casting equipment usually used in die casting which should not be ignored is the lid pole. A large steal rod is used in order to lift the furnace lid out of the furnace.