How metal change the course of mankind

What make the world today if metal is not utilized? We probably are still using wood for wheels. Wood for everything and no innovation movements at all. I can’t imagine a world without utilization of metal. So how did metal change the course of life of human and the world. When we go out everyday we find ourselves working not for only ourselves but for our family. In ancient times, when you work for someone they pay you a lump sum of coins according to your work. That is still true today. As we use coins for our money exchange doesn’t metal makes our earning easier.

As we go out for work. A distance of 10 kilometers will make us very fit but will drain all our energy at hand at the beginning. So that is not very efficient. So thanks to cars, bus, train and even bicycles our transportation can be a easier and convenient. That is once again thanks to the use metals.

Nowadays, earthquake derail buildings. If our house  is built with wood it easily shatters as it’s yield strength and stress is not that high compare to that of metals and steels. Thanks to metal we can have a better home for our safety and life. To this point I have not even started with your phones and gadgets. At some parts it is made of metal or alloys. Thankful to technology and advancement we can find ourselves having a greater life.