The Companies belonging to the Top Manufacturing Industry

Before knowing about the companies that belongs to the top manufacturing industry, let us first have a brief understanding about manufacturing. Manufacturing is very necessary especially in the business world. Numerous companies are the source of countless products which we use and even eat or drink daily. Not all companies are to be mentioned here, only those that belong in the top manufacturing industry. So, take a look at the following list.

First in the list of companies is Samsung in electronics industry that manufactures various kinds of gadgets and appliances. Next is Toyota and Volkswagen Group that belongs to the Automotive Industry. Also, Daimler is included. In the industry of engineering, General Electric is in. General Motors and Ford, in the industry of Automotive. To build this, they use autocad for construction model. Hewlett-Packard, electronics; Hitachi, engineering; Nissan, automotive; Hon Hai Precision Industry, electronics; Exor, investment; Siemens, engineering; Apple and IBM, electronics; Cardinal Health, pharmaceuticals; BASF, chemicals; Honda, automotive; Panasonic, engineering; BMW, automotive.

The list of companies mentioned is the world’s largest manufacturing companies. There are more famous and successful manufacturing companies but only few of them are included in the list. Nestle, in the industry of food and beverages. Sony, electronics; Toshiba and Bosch, engineering; Sinochem, chemicals; Mitsubishi, engineering; Hyundai Motor Company, automotive; PepsiCo, food and beverages; Johnson & Johnson, personal care products; Unilever, consumer goods; Dell, electronics; Fujitsu, electronics; Kraft Foods, food and beverages; Intel and Nokia, electronics. There are actually hundreds of companies that are in the top manufacturing industry but only few were given in the list written.